1Gen Rebrands With New Song -Be Right Back (LISTEN)

Our lenses  were lucky to catch up with musician 1Gen recently and have shared what transpired in our conversation.


1Gen, so great to have you with us and we want to zoom straight action with an important question. You started as a music group but nowadays we see you to be doing your own thing, can you tell us more.


“Well, it wasn’t entirely by choice as the group went our separate ways earlier this year. I realized if I wanted the vision of 1Gen to continue, I would have to change it from the group’s brand to my own personal brand.



“It’s been a difficult but very important step for me because I usually don’t move towards the spotlight, but I’ve realized it’s good for everyone to see who I am as an artist.”


Can you tell us about the changes you’re making to your image or musical style of 1Gen?


“I feel like I don’t really have an image that I’ve ever tried to portray. I feel as a person I have many different parts to my personality, and my music shows that. I grew up in the church and gospel is my musical roots, but I also love R&b and hip- hop.”


“Another day I might be feeling some afrobeat and take inspiration from that. There’s really endless combinations, and that’s my favorite part of making music. I follow how I feel a lot, and because of that the music I make is constantly changing.”


How do you feel your new brand or music aligns with your personal growth or evolution as an artist?


“I think the new image of 1Gen is special because it’s the first time I’ve just allowed everyone to see what’s going on in my mind. As an artist, I think I’m making the best music I’ve ever made now because for the first time, the image is me as a person and my story.”


“I didn’t realize at the time but the rebranding allowed me to step into that spotlight and free my mind.”