7 major things you should do immediately after having sex

In a healthy sex life, there are feelings of safety, connection, and acceptance. Moving away from thoughts of danger, separation, and shame may take some time, but it is well worth the patience and perseverance.

To have a very rightful life after every adventurous sex, then you need to be doing the following practices to keep you in shape always.

The following are the 7 major things one needs to do after having sex with their partners;

1. Drink water to stay hydrated:

Sex as well all know is a form of exercises, so it is always good to drink enough water after having a good round of sex.

2. Try to Urinate (Pee) :

As a man or woman, try as much as possible to urinate after 15mins of have sex so that it can flush out bacteria from the urethra to reduce your risk of getting urinary tract infections.

3. Take a shower to stay clean:

Clean your vulva or Penis with water to stay clean for your partner or even to further reduce the risk of you getting extra infections.

4.  Take a Shower :

Sex is sometimes messy especially for those who are adventurous in trying new and different forms of it , so it’s always advisable to take a cold shower after sex. It calms you down at times for a good relaxation.

5. Use an emergency contraceptive:

This stage happens when one especially the female is unsure about here cycle . So this step is needed to control unwanted pregnancy.

6. Talk with your Partner: 

This stage is expressing how you felt during your intimacy. Don’t go straight to your phones after sex. Tell him or her what liked and what next you guys can try the next time.

7. Don’t wear anything tight after sex:

It’s not always advisable to wear tight dresses immediately you are done with sex with your partner. This is because you must let your vagina or Penis have some sort of fresh air.
You can lie naked with your partner and continue to talk to each other.

Make sure you try and practice these steps and give me a feedback in the comments section.  That’s all for now ; remember to stay healthy after sex

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