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Advocacy for Tax Breaks to Support Private Media Houses Promoting Culture, Music, and Tourism

Ghanaian Digital Music Expert Proposes Tax Breaks for Media Houses Supporting Arts, Music, and Culture

JASIKAN, 27TH JULY,2023 – Renowned Ghanaian Digital Music Expert, Jonilar, has put forth a compelling suggestion that media houses, blogs, and influencers who actively promote arts, music, and tourism should be granted a tax break for a year. This initiative aims to encourage and incentivize their continued efforts in supporting and uplifting the creative and cultural sectors in Ghana.

Jonilar passionately articulated that many of these media houses, blogs, and influencers devote considerable time and resources to travel across the country, championing the arts, music, and tourism industry. Despite their commendable contributions, they often face challenges and struggle to gain recognition and adequate support from relevant stakeholders.

Speaking at the inaugural Digital Music Education Seminar in Jasikan, located in the Oti region, Jonilar emphasized the need to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable role played by these media entities in fostering the growth and preservation of Ghanaian arts and culture. Granting them a tax break for a year would serve as a tangible way of expressing gratitude and motivation for their unwavering dedication.

The Digital Music Education Seminar, organized by, marked an important milestone in empowering industry stakeholders with knowledge and insights to propel the digital music landscape forward. The event garnered significant support from the office of the Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, Honorable Kofi Adams, who pledged unwavering support for the arts and music industry in the constituency and the broader region.

Jonilar’s proposal resonates with the spirit of fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance the country’s creative industries. By granting a tax break to media houses, blogs, and influencers that champion arts, music, and culture, the government can stimulate increased efforts in promoting the rich cultural heritage and talent that Ghana has to offer.

This initiative aligns with Ghana’s vision of promoting the arts and music sector as a key driver of economic growth and national identity. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the tireless efforts of media entities in elevating local artists, musicians, and cultural practitioners.

The proposal by Jonilar represents a unique opportunity for the government to demonstrate its commitment to the creative industries and encourage further investments in promoting Ghanaian arts and culture on both national and international platforms.







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