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GAPI rescued from Old Board

GAPI - Music Is Our Business

An association is NOT a Personal Property and therefore every association has its rules & regulations governing it and anything contrary will only be an abuse of power or complete disrespect to members.

GAPI has a constitution which votes a board of trustees into office for a term of 2years but for lack of respect for members the recent past board sat in office for 4years after their term expired in 2017 without recourse to the constitution.

In fact since their term expired in 2017 there have been NO successful general meetings held neither have there been any accounts rendered to members which they have admitted.

The painful part is that this association does not belong to some children but to respectable Music Executives like Bigben, Kwame Micky, Agicoat, Goodies, Nayas, John Agbenu, Vineyard, Pat Thomas, Despite just to mention a few and to have all these hard working people disregard for 6 years is an indictment on the board.



Now these Respected members decided that enough is enough and stood up to put the association back on track lead by a once former General Secretary Mr Francis Twum and successfully did put in place an interim board Chaired by Nana ASA Agicoat according to the constitution to fill that 4years vacuum and see to the old board rendering account of their stewardship and subsequently conducting an elections to put in place a substantive board.

Now this old board lead by Easyway and Past General Secretary Yaw Oxbourne who says they have no interest moving forward have gone to form a group of self producers to plead with them to let them stay in office for 3 months and conduct elections which they refused.

The question is if you have no interest why then ask for extension and why didn’t they ask for that extension in 2017 when their term expired?

After 6 years of staying in office without any achievements what do you need the 3months for?

The saddest part is that the common Covid grant which every association fought for its members and got some for them, non of these music producers got some through GAPI so what was the use of the old Board when like I said similar associations like FIPAG had gotten their share of the National Cake.

If after all these failures and confessions that they have no interest moving forward then why all these acrobatics or there is something in that office that they need some time to cover up or some honey dey der wey dey no wan lef and even if that is the case the old board still have the opportunity to pick up forms and contest for positions when nominations are opened or they just want to organize the elections themselves and rig it?

I mean What is wrong with the black man and leaving Power after his term of office have ended because a similar thing happened at Ghamro in 2012 and members had to go to court to have the then Board kicked out of office but this time around GAPI members have decided to solve it among themselves without any noise or whatsoever.

This Expired GAPI board must learn from history and even if they can’t gift their in-laws any presents they shouldn’t steal from them.

Members have taken a decision according to the constitution and anything contrary to that is insignificantly called odi 3kyeri atupa.

The Interim Board is already working and have promised members that it will see to the successful holding of a legitimate elections according to the constitution so that a substantive competent board will be put in office to see to the Progress of GAPI.

GAPI – Music Is Our Business

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