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Korty EO Announced As #YouTubeBlackVoices Class Of 2023 Honorary

In the era where transparency and accessibility has become the status quo of the digital economy, the past 3 years has seen content creators at the helm of intense pop culture infiltration donning a new class of star status and the anchor of their innovative career paths is the power of a YouTube Channel.

Now in its third year, the #YouTubeBlackVoices, a follow-up to a global, multi-year commitment made in 2020 to uplift and grow Black creators, artists, songwriters, and producers on the platform has announced YouTube Sensation, Culture Archivist and Storyteller, Korty EO, as part of their #YouTubeBlackVoices Class of 2023 honoraries.

Korty’s signature content discourse of quirky, candid, conversational storytelling and captivating B-roll cinematography; documenting any and everything from her misadventures with the communities she travels to her hit shows Flow with Korty and Love or Lies has instantaneously established Korty as one of the leading voices of the fast-growing YouTube culture with over 200 000 subscribers and over 7 million+ views.

“YouTube has been special to me. Getting selected for the Black Voices Fund means everything. Thank you,” expresses Korty.

“ Through #YouTubeBlackVoices, the honararies receive grants as seed funding. They will also have dedicated partner support for six months and have the opportunity to participate in programmes including bespoke training, workshops and networking programmes spread out across the year.

As the dynamic exchange of being empowered and empowering, Korty’s YouTube future seeks to fulfil her goal of global domination, one video at a time.

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