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Meet Nan Beatz, The 4-Year-Old Producer Behind Your Favorite Hits

Nan Beatz’s journey through the industry has been idiosyncratic. With two years of producing hit songs for several Ghanaian artists and playing the role of a model figure to other young creative people, Nan Beatz has been able to prove beyond doubts that age really is but a number.
Born Adnan Nabil Awal, Nan Beatz started manifesting his love for music when his father taught him to play guitar in 2020. He was two years old. His father built a home studio for him and that served as a foundation for his music.
“I started music when I was 2 with the strings . I started very early and you can say I come from a musical family. So basically, music has just always been a part of me. I moved on to playing the piano when I turned 3 and produced my first project that same year.”
He said to me that he usually spend after his school time in his studio, not failing to gesticulate with his hands as he pronounced every word with resplendent calmness. This is the typical Nan – strikingly good-looking and with a calm demeanor that can seemingly quench the hottest of tensions.
Even though he had been in the game for some time now, people didn’t really get to know this 4-year-old until he released his first project. Nan Beatz never stopped working.
Nan Beatz spent countless hours learning to master his craft and find his style. This venture of wanting to be better at producing led him to at times sleep in the PPP studio, an outfit owned by his father that trains young music makers to become better at what they do.
“From one’s choice of music, you can always tell their personality. So like, I am a calm person. From my music, you would be able to tell that I’m a very calm and reserved person. That is why I use Blue Rhodes on the piano in most of my work. The sound is warm and eases me so I tend to use it a whole lot.”
The flaming desire for growth could be seen even through the shades he wore as we had the conversation. Since he started doing music professionally and now, the champ has experienced so much growth in his art and still yearns for even more. This trait is necessary for survival in not just Ghana’s entertainment industry, but generally any field at all in life.
Nan Beatz turns 4 years in the coming weeks and is set to tell his story in a riddim dubbed “The 4 years riddim” which he reveals will have one of the hottest artist in Ghana on it.
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