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Music is Business, Don’t waste all your Funds chasing Hitz -Enoch Agyapong

It’s good to have a HIT as a Musician but the Truth is it’s not all successful Musicians that have Monstrous Hits.

Music is Business and as long as your income is more than your expenditure then you’re doing good business.

There are millions of Musicians that you’ve never heard off because they don’t have Moster Hits yet they’re making billions in their Career.

According to Forbes the Richest Musician in 2021 from Africa was Youssou N’Dour from Senegal and his net worth was $145 million in fact the closest Nigerian was Wizked who appeared 4th on the list with a Net Worth of $21 Million but in 2021 you can actually confirm that Wizkid was More popular and had more Hits than Youssou but it is what it is. You can also argue with yourself that Youssou started doing Music since 1979 and I’ll tell you ET Mensah started before him.
Fact is on that top 20 list we had 14 Nigerians appearing on it and the only Ghanaian there was Sarkodie.

Two years ago Tanzanian Bongo Flava was the most viewed artist in Africa on YouTube with 1billion views yet I know majority of Ghanaians don’t even know his songs.

Even in 2021 Aya Nakamura from Mail with Djadja which she released in 2018 was the most viewed song in Africa on YouTube with over 830million views as at this morning yet majority of GH folks don’t know her I mean her song is in French so your guess is as good as mine.

You’ll be shocked that some of the musicians with high numbers currently in Africa come from the Arab countries like Algeria, Morocco & the rest.

All I’m trying to say is that Stop enriching everyone in the name of chasing Hitz else you’ll die Broke.
Like I said it is good to get a hit but don’t let them fool you by taking your monies for rotation and collaborations which never yields you results.

As a growing Artist just look for a few folks who believe in your Craft and grow with them yes motivate them but also spend majority of your energy investing in your Craft and put the music on the right platforms and as you grow the right folks will join along and steadily you will make your millions low key and invest more.

I can say that one of the Artist in Ghana with crazy numbers is King Promise and that didn’t happen overnight but through HardWork and CONSISTENCY.

Your Black Sheriff didn’t come to town sharing monies to everyone in fact a lot of Presenters & DJs denied him audience because he had no money to share but slowly and steadily he is chasing his dreams and getting his goals.

The so called biggest label in Ghana who shared monies like bread is nowhere to be found and today nobody even mentions them like how I’m not even mentioning their name here.

In conclusion I say spend your money on a guitar or a keyboard if you can yes get guitar lessons if you can and grow yourself as an Artist because majority of your Hit makers in the past are broke today because they didn’t invest in their Craft.

Music is food to the soul so let it Play and it will find the right Ears.


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