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President of the Alliance for Change Music group Seven Xavier is a blatant liar

After listening to Seven Xavier who is NOT a Ghamro member calling Uncle Rex a liar at the VGMA summit which had nothing to do with Ghamro we took our time to listen to him to actually understand his issues and realized he had the traits of a con man and a dishonest liar.

He accused Rex of lies without exactly pointing out the lies at the Summit and rather went round radio stations over the weekend lying through his teeth.

The Truth is that his group wanted to have a different CMO apart from Ghamro in Ghana but when they realized it was impossible they decided to insult and run Ghamro down to make it look bad which is very typical of how our people think but we want to assure them that such acrobatics don’t work here.

They’ve even gone as far as telling musicians in Ghana to Stop Music to go do carpentry which will never happen even though we understand their frustration.

We’ve seen their types so many times to identify one and they shouldn’t think they can use the vulnerability of musicians to fool everyone.

After listening to him, we realized that their main problem is with the Logging system of which we all including Ghamro have been fighting for legitimately and that gives him no right to call the board Chairman a liar. Unfortunately talk is cheap and in this country it’s gradually becoming Free so any Tom, Dick and Harry wakes up today and starts calling people who have achieved a lot all sort of names and they’re all over the place looking for likes and views.

Let me explain why I’m calling that guy a blatant liar and a confused con man.

In his quest to demonize Ghamro he said Companies had offered to provide the Logging services to Ghamro for FREE then in the end quietly said they’ll take some small percentage. This is a typical con man’s Terms & Condition that people don’t read when signing contracts.

He said Qisimah a music data collecting company worked for 6 months and were kicked out of office by Ghamro when in actual sense Ghamro signed a 5months contract with them of which after 4months Qisimah wrote to Ghamro that they needed more time to upgrade their system to be able to cover more data than the 3% service they were providing.

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He said Ghamro didn’t want to provide data when indeed Qisimah confirmed that Ghamro gave them data on a 1 terabyte external drive.

He again said they are old and overburdened but you and I know that they’re not old and he himself confirmed that Abraham the CEO is more than competent to do the Job so if this Seven man is NOT confused and just disrespectful then I don’t know how to describe him.

He said NORCODE wanted to work for 3years without collecting money and he actually said people wanted to train and work for them as Alliance for Change for 6 months FREE but didn’t tell us what they’re going to take after the 6months of work, what a con move.

If he is that ignorant I’ll like him to know that Ghamro and NORCODE have been working together for years.

He also said on authority that majority of the Radio stations are paying their royalties when indeed Ghamro are in court with majority of radio stations who are refusing to pay so the question is why will Ghamro be in court with radio stations if they’re paying their royalties I mean this is common sense.

He said Ghamro is only paying ARTIST which is the dumbest lie I’ve ever heard because the Ghamro board has for years, always been made up of COMPOSERS, PUBLISHERS & PERFORMERS, so why will they pay only the recording Artiste instead of all the Right Owners?

He said he wouldn’t be on a radio station that doesn’t pay it’s royalties when in actual fact the station he was telling those lies on was owing Ghamro royalties.

Like I’ve said we’ve seen so many of his kind to know one and I want to assure him that their cacophony will go no where because lies don’t change laws.

We’re aware that they wanted to setup their CMO and even made proposals to the ministry when some of their members were appointed as tourism ambassadors which didn’t work so I did put it to him on Caleb Nii Boye show on Starr103.5FM and he didn’t deny it yet he went on Kwasi Aboagye show on Peace fm to lie that they are NOT after Ghamro and that they’re for the welfare of musicians, ah what a BLATANT LAIR.

I like his youthful exuberance but he must apply wisdom when dealing with his elders.

If I’ve to go on, trust me we won’t finish but let me move to the more important issues and leave this man to his lies because he is not worth the attention being given to him but because Ghamro has allowed itself so anyone from just anywhere wakes up and thinks he or she can say some. I’ve even heard some radio presenters and non ghamro members like this dude also blasting Ghamro and I ask myself can carpenters speak to the issues of Doctors like that? But this is how tolerant Ghamro have become so any idiot wants to be heard on Ghamro issues and that madness must STOP with immediate effect.


One major Problem of Ghamro is Government interference in our business just because Attorney General is the one that gives us the license to operate yes they give us the license BUT the society belongs to us Right Owners and NOT Government.

People make baseless and senseless accusations against Ghamro and you’ll have the Attorney General coming in to HALT our work because of those baseless accusations.

We’ve had certain groups and associations go to the Attorney General office to come and audit Ghamro when in Actual sense the Collective Society belongs to individual Right Owners and NOT some useless associations.

I can say on authority that Ghamro have been thoroughly audited more that 4 times in 5 years which the Findings are on the Attorney General’s desk just because some groups said so.

The question is, Why have NO ACTION been taken on these findings after the countless Audits.

One of our major revenue inflows is the blank levy which has drastically reduced because technology has moved from blank cassettes and Cds to phones & drives and instead of the Attorney General playing its role to help modify the law we rather see Government coming in to take its Taxes. In recent times taxes worth 600,000ghc was taken from the scanty monies left and that is how sad the situation of right owners is in this country.

The government promised in his manifesto to assist Ghamro with a logging system and till date nothing happened but the least said about it the better since they haven’t even been able to finish any promises they made to the entire Arts industry so we good.

These kinds of useless cacophony has made the Attorney General to instruct Ghamro to change its constitution about 4 times within 5years and this last one was indeed assisted by the Attorney General’s office itself.

As I write now the Attorney General has put the Entire Ghamro Board elections on hold and we are waiting for him to interpret a section of the constitution he assisted in writing and this has taken weeks to happen and indeed we’re STILL waiting for absolutely no reason if not for Political Interference in our private Business just because they gave us the license to operate 😡.

I keep asking that if any Tom, Dick and Harry raises any senseless and baseless issues do they have to come in and interfere in our business when they already have the facts on their desks? And after interfering and getting the audit results why is it still lying on their desk without any action?

Ghamro started preparatory work in 2011 and officially elected a board and started work in 2015 and therefore nobody with common sense will expect it to be a multi billion Ghana cedi institution within 5years.
They are even now building their headquarters which is there for level headed people to see.

Ghamro just won a Court Judgment against Telcos in this country who have been using our music for free for all these years and you know how court cases take long to conclude.

Ghamro is still in court with Radio and Tv stations including the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation which is suppose to be unheard off but that’s the situation on the ground which could have been curtailed by Government via NCA asking for Ghamro licensing from Radio & Tv stations before renewing their radio and TV licenses for them but NO that’s not what Government is interested in.

In Conclusion Ghamro can’t be rich overnight but has a billionaire Gh cedi future and it’ll need visionaries to be on board and not some greedy wolves in sheep clothing making baseless & senseless noise just to come and abuse the system.

We all admit that Ghamro has teething problems but we’ll NEVER throw the baby away with the bad water.

We are calling on the Attorney General to please interpret that part of the constitution for us so we can have our elections peacefully without ending up in court.

Fact is the elections is the only opportunity for members to join the board to fighting against our real problems ie radio and tv stations who are use our works without paying, Telcos, importers of music carrying devices etc.

Government in the name of the Attorney General should be part of Ghamro’s SOLUTIONS and NOT to be rather part of Ghamro’s PROBLEMS.

A right owner who fights Ghamro those not have common sense because it’s like fighting yourself so get sense and join Ghamro to fight those using our works without paying because those are the real “ENEMIES”

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