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Socrates Safo is a Complete waste of Taxpayers Money- Enoch Agyepong fires

Member of FOCAP and an entertainment panelist, Enoch Agyepong has descended heavily on Socrates Safo that he is a Complete waste of Taxpayers Money in GHANA.

The Local Movie industry is “DEAD” in fact all the Actors and their directors have moved to YouTube and other social media networks to get views for some coins.
Some major Actors have also become politicians, footballers and slay queens.

Our television space have been taken away from our local movie practitioners and given to Mexicans and Indians to show us their Culture and it’s not shocking that we now have a lot of these tricycles called Pragia all over the place when we already have issues dealing with Okada & Aboboyaa on our major streets.

The saddest part has to do with government officials being the ones instituting these Telenovelas and even translating them into our local languages to give it a wider reach.

Socrates Safo a movie Producer/Director, a Government official at the National Commission on CULTURE and also the Chairman of the Classification Committee which is an offshoot of the National Film Authority is now the one directly involved in the Translation of these Telenovelas into Twi and getting paid by Private Tv owners.

Let’s not even worry ourselves with the conflict of interest issues since those morals don’t apply to him especially when in the past he left his government official duties and official Toyota pickup to go and manage a Private Man’s 10million dollar imaginary fund and was given a Prado.

Let’s deal with what he is doing now that is affecting the industry & Culture and by extension our kids who are the future generation of this country.

For someone who works at the National Commission on CULTURE and being paid with Taxpayers monies to Preserve our Culture to now be the one rather Translating Mexican and Indian Telenovelas into our Local dialect and receiving monies from these Private stations is completely ridiculous.

For someone who is a Movie director and is suppose to project our Culture in this era of Cultural imposition to be seen defending the influx of these Telenovelas is outrageous.

For someone who is the Chairman of the Classification Committee who is suppose to ensure that our Prime Time on TV is occupied by our Local Production is the one supervising the showing of these Foreign Cultures at all Prime Times is simply unbelievable and I’m shocked the Government is endorsing all these activities of his.

The incredible aspect of all this insanity is that when you question these activities he sits on Live Radio and Insult you after receiving your Taxes as his salary and promoting foreign Cultures at the expense of our Culture and eventually destroying the local Movie industry.

Fact is the only people who benefit financially from the import of these finished Telenovelas & sponsors are the Tv Station Owners and Socrates the Translator whiles none of our Actors and film producers get paid.

On the other hand when there are local productions our Actors, directors, cameramen, editors, walkerpass and even food venders at these locations sites get paid for services rendered.

Sadly our Local producers are rather charged airtime to show our local series/Culture whiles these Tv owners rather pay these Mexicans and Indians to impose their Culture repeatedly on us.

Why will one person want be the sole beneficiary of the Industry and leave his colleagues hungry and even question them for complaining I mean what kind of species are we?

In conclusion I’ll appeal to government to see the local movie industry as a tool to project our Culture and Stop wasting our Taxpayers money on self centered individuals who have No Respect for the people who pay for his salary.

I now understand why the Movie practitioners demonstration to Asantehene against Foreign Telenovelas didn’t materialize it’s because the ant biting them is actually in their cloth.


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