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Watch Abudebi Zonjon’s electrifying performance at Soleng Festival in Denmark

Ghanaian – Danish World Music artiste, Abudebi Zonjon thrilled fans with a fully charged performances at this year’s event.

Finally, after a long break due to the outbreak of Noval Corona Virus in 2019, South Denmark came to a standstill over the weekend as the crème de la crème graced the festival in the Region. 


Soleng Festival outdoors the Regions Rich European Arts, Culture and Music.

The 45 minutes live audience stage performance saw a charged crowd chanting throughout the performance. 

Zonjon, on the night was stunning as he doubled his vocal dexterity coupled with style, energy and power gave a sterling performances. 

It could be clearly seen by all and sundry who attended the festival that he prepared extremely well for his performance that night. 

Few minutes into his performance, he established some sort of rapport between himself and the much packed crowd which made his performance very lively and

motivated the fans to sing along and dance to all his songs on the night.


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Holding the crowd for 45 minutes, he took the audience to journey through the world musics in his catalogue. He performed songs like Champion, trouble, million Girls, who we are, amongst other unreleased surprises. 

Abudebi Zonjon has proven beyond unreasonable doubts that he has gone beyond 45 minutes live audience performances to a much hours electrifying concerts.



He took to his official social media pages to thank organizers of The Soleng Festival 2021 and wished for more European festivals to thrill fans.


Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon
Abudebi Zonjon

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