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Ghana needs A National Music Industry Awards Scheme – Enock Agyepong

Are all these numerous Music Awards we’re seeing today aimed at building the Music Industry?

Well when a wall develops a crack any animal can actually enter and do whatever it likes on the compound infact it can even deficate there.

Isn’t it obvious that all these Awards are just aimed at exploiting the hard work of many Creatives just to enrich a few opportunist?

Creatives go through a lot to promote their Music in this country sometimes without any help and when by some grace their songs make it out there we have all sort of opportunists taking advantage of it.

Today its Ghana Music Awards Afghanistan tomorrow its Ghana Music Awards China etc etc all in the name of Awarding the same works in the year under review?

We won’t blame anyone but the industry itself since it has become so weak and compromised that any Tom Dick & Harry jumps in and takes full advantage of it to the extent that we now have Counsellors organising Awards for the Music Industry.

We can have all these awards but It’s High-TIME we have just ONE(1) National Authentic Ghana Music INDUSTRY Awards with the right Stakeholders ie Musiga, Gapi, Ghamro, Creative Arts Agency, Arts Ministry etc all playing the proper role to Award the Ghanaian Musician.

The Creative industry have been taken advantage of by Fraudsters, Politicians, Ponzi schemes owners etc just because many stakeholders are hungry and greedy and therefore easily compromised but it’s time we put the right structure in place else whiles other countries move forward and faster with proper structures we’ll continue to remain here due to us allowing selfish and greedy opportunistic individuals to manipulate and milk this already hungry looking industry.

In other jurisdictions they also have other Awards as well but they do have their industry Awards like the Grammys where winners are determined by votes from Professional Music stakeholders forming the Academy and the Board and Not the public.

We can’t continue giving Awards to undeserving Artist through public voting and alleged buying whiles real talents who merit it continue to stay here due to favoritism.

Ask yourself where have all these winners in the past taken our Music to? No where because they’re not real musicians but just favourite entertainers of these Private award organisers.

#VhimMoveMent #IndustryFirst

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