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United States firm pledge support for Ghana’s organic food sector


The Managing Director of Tiwala Markt Company LLC has revealed that his company is working with all the regulatory authorities in the United States of America to export organic foods from Ghana to the United States.


Tiwala Markt Company LLC is fully registered with The United States Food and Drug Administration; a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services to export organic foods to the United States of America.

In an Interview with the New Crusading Guide from his Delaware Office, Mr. Nicholas Asiedu; a Ghanaian resident in the United States disclosed that there is a growing demand for organic foods and organic food products in the United States especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and his company is well placed to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of organic foods in the United States market.

He revealed that their approach in the organic food business model is relatively different from other organic food businesses, adding that they are going to focus on creating employment for the young people in Ghana whiles creating massive awareness for the organic food industry in the United States.

“The way we are approaching it is totally going to be in a different way because we are trying to get more people to be employed in Ghana, and also try and bring more of the new stuff on the market in the US. That’s why we are so different. We are not just basically trying to make money for ourselves, but trying to help young folks to get on board with us and help pull the organic market and bring different items to the US market. Right now, the organic market in the US is growing very big so this is the best time to get into it.” He stated.

According to him, most of the foods produced in Ghana are much more organic than anywhere in the world, and as such proper education and orientation can help the Ghanaian agriculture sector to cash-in on the organic market in the United States.



He urged the media to educate the populace on the health benefits of organic foods to get more local farmers to go into organic farming to expand their market share as well as promoting their well-being. Mr. Nicholas Asiedu stated that there are several organic foods in the Ghanaian market with little or no information on their health benefits, and promised that his company will fund extensive research and education on the health benefits of such foods.

According to a research carried out by food safety helpline, oneof the main motives for the consumption of organic food is that they do not contain harmful chemicals and pollutants, as some chemicals could lead to cancer and other serious medical problems. Consumers have also begun to realize that their energy and fitness levels also increase when they consume organic food. People with allergies to certain foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms decrease or go away when they consume only organic foods.

To increase crop production several man-made pesticides are used which are leading to the depletion of water tables and soil contamination. Organic farming is eco-friendly and more sustainable since there is no soil and water contamination from use of synthetic chemicals. Farming without the use of pesticides also provides a healthier life for small animals and humans who live close to or work on the farms.

Tiwala Markt Company LLC has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Messiah Organics Chain to mobilize organic out growers in Ghana and to provide training and organic inputs to local farmers in a bid to grow their organic foods supply chain in Ghana.

Tiwala Markt Company LLC is registered in the States of Texas and Delaware to trade in organic foods in the United States.

Mr Nicholas

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